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About Marlene


Marlene is a Fellow of the International Business Managers Association and Chartered Secretaries and Administrators. She excelled in her studies with the highest South African pass for her final year in Taxation and Economics, Law and Financial Accounting came a close second. International trade played an important part in her business career.


She furthered her studies in Communication and Counselling. She obtained certificates and Diplomas in various Alternate Medicine principles and those that cover her outside interests of Art and Archeology.



Marlene's philosophy is primarily that of oneness of being and living in the present. Mindfullness is akin to love. Love each minute you have and enjoy each action you take. At the base of all are messages received during meditation. Two of these are quoted here:

Love is complete, love of self makes love complete. and  

Where there is love, fear cannot exist.

Fear only grows in a place where there is no love.

Marlene Jeanrenaud

Marlene draws strongly from her South African background and love of all things natural to augment her knowledge on Alternate Medicine, which she now practices fulltime.


An avid student of A Course in Miracles  and Barbara Ann Brennan's Hands of Light  and Light Emerging,  she lives by the principle of the oneness of being. She studied aromatherapy and reflexology in South Africa and did a five year apprenticeship under Dr Phillip Kempster, MB.,Ch.B.,D.Sc. covering alternate medicine and healing methods.


The chromotherapy, which she brings into her treatments, she studied in France. Her philosophy of life carries through her work on all levels to enrich and enlighten those in need. Setting aside the hectic corporate world in which she owned and managed four South African companies, she now dedicates her time to helping others.


This, not only on the physical, emotional and mental level, but their spiritual development is an important aspect in her treatments. A Swiss National, she lived and worked in London, UK and Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She returned to South Africa in 1976 to work as a company administrator. Marlene has lived in Geneva Switzerland   since   1999   and   spends  her time  practicing Alternate Medicine, writing her memoires, poetry, short stories, a novel and a spiritual selfhelp book.


 Having been an  employee  and  employer  in the  fastpaced

and stressed world of commerce and finance, enabled Marlene to comprehend human nature. Her sensitivity goes beyond the surface. Her outlook on life changed greatly after having been resuscitated from two  death experiences and these events added to her remarkable insight into the human psyche.


It is over twenty years that Marlene has practiced various forms of Alternate Medicine, and since her arrival in Switzerland, she has devoted all her time to healing and relieving the physical or emotional pain ofothers.


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