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Energy Balancing

Energy that keeps the human being alive, flows from the tip of each finger of the right hand, goes all over the body and ends in the toes of the right leg, and so also on the left side along electric current or meridian lines. These are divided into five zones each on the right and left side of the body. If for any reason this current does not reach any part of the body, there is a malfunctioning or blockage of that part resulting in pain, or serious illness in some cases.


Therefore, the balancing and unblocking of energy improves mental, emotional and physical health. ENERGY BALANCING raises energy levels, improves metabolism, circulation, reduces depression, stress, back pain, insomnia, alleviates asthma, sports injuries and speeds up the healing of bones.

ENERGY BALANCING through hands on healing is a gift that rests with all of us. It is our birthright. It only remains to be developed and expanded to reach deep into the spiritual and Universal Soul.


Everything on earth consists of energy: animals, plants, crytals, rocks and water. Crystals, which seem to be such inanimate objects have very high vibrational energy – the reason why they are popular in the use of energy balancing treatments.


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